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Writing Content

After installing, head to content/docs. This is where all the documentation for this theme is located. You can look into it if you want, to get a sense, of how this theme works but generally the first action you take, is to delete that folder and create your own content.

Writing Markdown

This theme uses the default @gridsome/source-filesystem plugin to look for .md files in the content folder to create pages. If you want to rename the folder, simply open the gridsome.config.js, navigate to the options of the plugin and change the baseDir option.

plugins: [
    use: '@gridsome/source-filesystem',
    options: {
      // Change the option below.
      baseDir: './content',
      path: '**/*.md',
      typeName: 'MarkdownPage',
      remark: {
        externalLinksTarget: '_blank',
        externalLinksRel: ['noopener', 'noreferrer'],
        plugins: [
  // ...

If you have never worked with markdown, just search the internet for a guide. It is very simple to pick up.